Gacopa Rwanda fever hits Kenya as delegates prepare for the great trip

Hundreds of Clinical Officers are set to visit the Republic of Rwanda as the Global Association of Clinical Officers and Physician Associates prepare to stages its 2nd International delegates and Scientific conference

After the global body announced that its second conference will take place in Rwanda , which is approximately 1200 kms by road , many Clinical officers in Kenya showed a lot of interest to make the event by road in what majority termed a dream come true .

Rwanda is easily accessibly by road from Kenya with major buses plying the routes daily.Its a 24 hour journey with stop overs in Jinja ( the source of River Nile ) , Kampala (Uganda’s Capital ) , Mbarara before reaching Kigali .

A section of Clinical officers have classified themselves in groups as they plan to tour the land of 1000 hills with the conference expected to be the largest gathering for clinical Officers and equivalent in the entire world .This conference brings members from more than 30 countries spread across the world .

Coast region in Kenya together with Bungoma County have formed a whatsapp group that is geared towards mobilizing its members to attend the conference in large numbers .

The event has so far attracted more than 800 applicants from more than 25 countries with Kenya leading in the number of those interested .

The conference will take place between March 5-7 , 2020 at the KCC.

Mr Reinhard Myeuko, the Coast Brigade liaison said they are coming to Rwanda in numbers and more than 25 members from that region have already booked the much awaited road trip . His sentiments were echoed by his Bungoma counterpart Mr Ekisa Ambuchi .” This is an opportunity to interract and learn from our international colleagues , we cant let this go .We are going to Rwanda in numbers ” Ambuchi added as he promised to ensure 20 delegates from Bungoma set foot in Rwanda

Meanwhile the local Organizing Committee has issued a Mobile Money payment for those who would like to pay conference fees .

Safaricom subscribes from Kenya can pay the conference fee to a registered MTN Rwanda Mobile Money .

the details are as below